Knowing a foreign language pays, let's see why we assure you that. If you want to travel to another country to study or work, you will definitely need to know the language so as to be able to communicate your ideas. Today most of companies prefer bilingual personnel, because these people can handle business conversations and make professional translations with clients of overseas companies. Although English is the Lingua Franca of business, there are other important languages such as Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish and German. For instance, for those who are planning to travel to South America, speaking Spanish is a must.

French allows you to apply to important universities in France

Nowadays, some people find interesting learning French, because it allows them to apply to French universities. Well known as the Language of Love, French is very similar to Spanish, because both languages belong to the same family, Romance language family. Maybe the most difficult part of learning French is the sound "rr", and of course conjugations (most of them irregular). However you can master this language by practicing listening, grammar and vocabulary. There is also a wealth of French of Literature that you can use to enhance your language knowledge.

Learning Spanish is the better choice

Considered as the world's second spoken language, Spanish is another language that belongs to the family of Indo - European languages. Learning Spanish is the better choice for people who want do business, study or travel to Spain or Latin-American countries. Although many students find difficult to pronounce the phonetic sounds of the following letters: "ñ" and "rr"; more and more students venture to study this language.

Italian opens up many opportunities in the fashion industry

Spoken by many European countries, Italian is also an important language around the world. If you know Spanish or French, learning Italian is a piece of cake due to the close similarities between these languages. On the other hand, to learn Italian opens up many opportunities in the fashion industry, because many fashion shows are held in this country such as the Milan Fashion Week. Furthermore, educational institutions in Italy set as entrance requirements for foreign students to speak at least an intermediate level of Italian language.

German language is widely spread all over the world

German is the largest spoken language in the European Union with almost 98 million speakers. Furthermore this language is widely taught in English and Spanish-speaking countries. As you can see, German language is widely spread all over the world, and many students aim to master it. It is well-known fact that Germany has high educational standards and gives scholarships to overseas students.

Japanese language is a completely different language

On the other hand, the language of the Land of the Rising Sun is arousing considerable interest in many countries due to its fast-recovering economy and stable politic environment. Japanese language is a completely different language from other languages, because it is composed of two sylabaries (Hiragana & Katakana) and Kanjis (characters borrowed from Chinese language). It is worth motioning that 11% of Japanese are words or phrases that belong to English. For instance, the word "パーティー" /pāti/ comes from the word "party" of the English language.