Company Name:    Acer Group
Location:    Irvine, CA
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Acer Group

About Acer Group

Gateway does not only sell computers; the company is committed to sell technological tools which solve the needs of the customers, and this is what the company needs in order to succeed. Gateway knows that talented employees are an important part of the success. Gateway is an EEO company, which provides its employees opportunities for growth as well as outstanding benefits.

Gateway wants people who are creative, highly motivated and more importantly, people who are not afraid of facing new challenges. The company knows that these kinds of employers will help it to grow even more.

If you have the profile that Gateway is looking for, do not wait any longer; submit your resume and apply for one of the many positions that Gateway offers. However, it is important to read first the information provided in the link that we’ve posted. By knowing this, you will avoid making any mistakes that may stop an employer from considering you for the job.

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